‘Tis the Season for Sparkles and Trim


Sit down little ones, it’s time for a story…

Once there was a burlesque dancer named Chloe D’Lite. She had a wonderful time performing burlesque and finally hit the Broadway stage (The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon of course!).  Then she fell ill. Her life changed forever when she discovered she was…. dum dum dum… PREGNANT.

Chloe accepted her fate and even came to embrace this new life. She decided that she had a wonderful time dancing and costuming and now she could put that part of her life aside and focus on family. She began to buy knitted sweaters and yoga pants. She nested. She ate a LOT of chocolate. She even chose to have, gulp, Mom hair. (For those of you who don’t know what this is, it can come in many shapes and forms but all Mom haircuts have one thing in common. Sigh. They are all practical and incredibly boring.

After baby life was good. But Chloe couldn’t help noticing sparkles coming back into her life. A bit of tinsel here, a glitter wreath there. Ahhh…. it was Christmas Season. The lavishness of the holiday decor sent her into a crafting frnezy and she had a change of heart. She soon came to accept that she MUST perform again. It was a part of her, it was in her nature. 

And so a new burlesque piece was born and a dancer returned! Christmas Magic!

Enter the Christmas Tree

I wanted to do something different for XXXmas burlesque so I took a very unsexy holiday tradition and glamorized it. I looked around for a sexy version of Oh Christmas Tree (not easy by the way). I found a great Jazz Instrumental by Bobby Rodriguez Oh Christmas Tree. 

Then I needed to make a costume. This was the point in my life when I made a resolution to not spend a ton of money on Burlesque. Blowing the bank on a costume is easy to do, as most of my burly friends know. Glitter and gems ain’t cheap! But I have a lot of schtuff in my house and the holiday season is the time of excess so there are hundreds of free decorations lying about. My cost for this costume was… $0.

I took garland that I had bought at a clearance sale at home depot for 5 bucks and turned it into a top and skirt by cutting it and tying the pieces of it to a length of gold rope leftover from another costume. I added some bells and tiny ornamental balls (hehe) and a few strands of metallic foil garland. I had some white gloves that I had picked up at a Halloween clearence sale and added metallic garland to those as well (with my glue gun). I took a star ornament and glued it to an old headband.

garland skirt
Christmas Tree Costume Skirt
Garland Skirt and top
Skirt and top


I had a bra and panty set that a friend had given me years ago. It never fit because my breasts were too small, but breastfeeding boobs are a glorious thing and it was a perfect match! I added some glitter trim and made a glitter bump belt. I used garland as a boa and made pasties out of glitter foam and cheap bows I found in my gift wrap closet.

Christmas Burlesque Costume
Accessories- garland boa, green garland bump belt, bra, panties, gloves, tree topper and pasties

And Voila! A Sexy Christmas Tree was born. A true Christmas Miracle 😉

Chloe D'Lite Christmas Burlesque
Chloe D’Lite performs her Sexy Christmas Tree burlesque dance

And if you’d like to see me perform this piece I will be at the Free Flow Dance Centre for The Rosebuds XXXmas show December 8, 2017!

Have a warm and merry Holiday Season!





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