The Making of The Darkness

Now on to the next thing…

My husband and I have an artists collaborative called House Archipelago and for the last two years we have been working on a photo fantasy art project based on a mythology he’s created. The project is called Gods of the Archipelago and there are dozens of characters already done (and more to come!). We have another photoshoot this weekend, and are so lucky to work with some amazing artists. Please check out our website to see the first release of photos and to see the artists we’ve worked with on this project.

So I’m designing a costume for the Queen of Darkness. Matthew’s concept is for the character to have the feel of Legend (1985), one of my all time favourite movies, I was in love with the devil AND the girl (sorry Tom). Here they are:

The devil from Legend is a character dripping with sexuality and dark sensousness. The Darkness (working title for the character) has a look similar to the character Lili when she becomes tempted by the darkside, but the personality of the Devil.


You must forgive my sketching, I’m not that kind of artist. This is one of the inital sketches of the character’s outfit. You can see that we will be keeping the plunging neckline and turning it into a body suit. We want the look to be a high cut thong strapless one piece (whew, that’s a lot of descriptors). She will have some type of collar and we have a makeup artist who will be creating a feathered mask look while her hair will be swept up in an art/abstract style do.

I made the body suit out of some glittery stretch fabric that I had left over from some costume or other and I had just enough, yay! You can see that i simply traced an outline of a dance bodysuit I had and sewed the seams up.

DIY bodysuit
I traced the outline of an old dance bodysuit and then used my sewing machine to make this one in a glittery stretch fabric

modelling DIY bodysuitI then turned it inside out and traced where I wanted to trim excess fabric (for this photoshoot less is more 😉 ) If you look really close you can see where I marked the hip bones to cut the fabric and the shape that I wanted for the breasts.

DIY bodysuit
Trying to make a thong cut, mission aborted!

I was going to use a thong to trace an outline for the butt of the bodysuit but (hehe) I realized this wouldn’t work because of something called curves, and that’s why I did the tracing while it was on my body.

I was very lucky for two reasons…

One, the model Miss Malevolent is about my size but even tinier; and two, costuming for a photoshoot is super forgiving because it doesn’t have to function, it only has to look good for a few shots.

Using a bra to imitate a model (for costuming purposes)Now having said that thing about Miss M and I having similar body types, I have to admit there are slight differences. Boobs. So I had to try to channel my inner Miss Malevolent by donning my ‘add three cup sizes’ Victoria Secret bra. Yep, it did the trick.

I also made leg bands as pictured in the sketch, but I don’t have a photo of those yet. And a neck collar made out of a halloween mask, s bit of black lace, some black fabric paint and cheap red, black and clear gems. Look at the beautiful hair by Laryssa Scott Hair and makeup out of Salon Hush in Downtown yxe and makeup by Kseniah’s MakeupScreen Shot 2017-11-12 at 5.03.45 PM

Oh and here I am looking totally nerdy at the photo shoot, with the gorgeous Darkness behind me.


So I will post a pic of this ASAP, until then…




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