Champagne Costume: Chapter Two

So the theme for this chapter is frames. How exciting.

I spent more time envisioning this costume (and figuring out how to make the frame for the body, headpiece and stem base work) than I have for any other costume I’ve made.

Here are some photos of the early stages:

I had looked up how to make a backpack harness and found some info on Cosplay sites and from Samba costumes. I bought a bike holder from Dollarama for $2 and used it as a harness for my champagne glass costume frame. I cut a foam ball in half and taped one half to each shoulder brace to fill in the gap between the bike harness and my chest.

Then I used hinges (because I wanted it to open up so I could come out, always a burlesque dancer), plumbing tape, 11 gauge wire and dollar store wire garden fence.


I constructed a hoop for the bottom and top of the glass with plans to fill it in with some detail later on. The bottom hoop remained closed and the top hop opened up to make it easier to get into and out of. I then added some garden bed trellis type thing that I had cut and used it to add stability and detail to the back.

I will add more detail next week and discuss the stem base and headpiece frames.


Chloe xo





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